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I'm Tameka Abiola Vasquez, a strategist, advisor, professor, and speaker.

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You're likely wondering what is printed on my t-shirt in the photo above. It says, "I've been to the future. We won."

For the past decade, I've worked with technology organizations to stake their claim in the marketplace [disrupt], tell their stories in as many facets as possible [influence], and generate growth and long-standing influence [win].

The principles I’ve applied in my work with startups, mid-sized firms and global enterprises have led to evolved philosophies on what will drive organizations and individuals alike to an optimal future.

As an educator and public speaker, I explore future-focused, nuanced topics that intersect business, disruptive technology, and human development, such as the knowledge economy, organizational leadership, augmented intelligence, and progressive futurism. I've done 20+ speaking engagements in cities across North America, Africa, and Europe.

I am driven by the endless possibilities caused by the modern speed of change. I am comfortable with discomfort. I am certain uncertainty spawns brilliance. The spirit of innovation, in multiple forms, has determined my trajectory thus far. And this is just the beginning.  

tell new stories.

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How to Build a Future-Proof Brand Strategy 


I am a member of the Disruptive Technologists Think Tank and participated on this panel discussing AI and ethics at Microsoft.

I spoke to knowledge management executives in Johannesburg, South Africa on why organizational knowledge should be democratized for societal benefit.

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